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  • 6 Gorgeous Vacation Rentals Perfect for Your Honeymoon
    Photo: Getty Images No one will ever admit it, but many newlyweds secretly believe that the honeymoon is the best part of getting married. But why shouldn't it be? Planning a wedding. The honeymoon is your and your partner's time to finally kick back, relax, and be together as a married couple, free from interruptions. […]
  • How to Sneak Away to Change Into Your Reception Dress — Without Anyone Noticing!
    Photo: Gia Canali No matter how perfectly your wedding dress is altered, sometimes you just need a backup option so you can dance all night without a voluminous skirt holding you back. While you want to make a grand entrance when you've changed into look number two, you don't want guests to notice you've slipped […]
  • This Couple Had More Than 1,000 Peonies at Their Classic Ohio Wedding
    Photo: Ted Miller of Kortnee Kate Photography Hilary Grosser and Eric Jaschke met at Washington & Lee University in Virginia during their freshman year, but it wasn't until 2010, at the very end of their senior year, that they started dating. Four years later, the couple decided they'd celebrate their anniversary with a weekend in […]
  • These Might Just Be the Worst Wedding Dresses We've Ever Seen
    Photo: Imgur No matter if you've always dreamed of walking down the aisle in a classic lace ball gown or a modern minimalist slip, all brides-to-be hope to stand-out on their wedding day in a gorgeous wedding dress. (Shouldn't that just be a given? You are the bride, after all!) But we certainly don't have […]
  • How to Choose the Engagement Ring Setting That's Right for You
    Photo: Courtesy of Scott Kay So your longtime love just popped the question, no, not THAT question, the one that comes before it — do you want to go ring shopping together? Before you take that adrenaline rush and head out to find the engagement ring of your dreams, there are a few things to […]
  • Every The Bachelor and The Bachelorette Proposal That DEFINITELY Made You Ugly Cry
    Photo: Getty Images Beachfront views, sunsets, sparkly diamond rings — a proposal and final rose ceremony on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette are always quite the to-do. But even though every season ends with a climactic situation and most likely an engagement, there are some situations that stick out in our minds more than others. […]
  • How These 6 Brides Handled Their Nightmare Mother-in-Laws
    Photo: Getty Images Your fiancé is a dream come true but his or her mom is a nightmare. That sentiment is an unfortunate but all-too-common scenario for many brides-to-be. Dealing with your mother-in-law on an ordinary day is stressful enough, but during wedding planning a monster-in-law can derail the entire process. Thankfully, you are not […]
  • 5 Must-Follow Style Rules for Bachelorette Party Guests
    Photo: Getty Images It's her party and you can't wear what you want to! Kidding, because in most cases you totally can rock what you want at your BFF's bachelorette party (within reason, of course). However, oftentimes there are some bachelorette party dress code rules, like sporting those matching tees the maid of honor bought […]
  • Nicole Kidman Gets Real About Her Marriage to Tom Cruise
    Photo: Getty Images When thinking of power couples past (R.I.P. Brangelina...), Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise are one of the first that come to mind. The 1990s brought us Beanie Babies, Google, and the marriage between Kidman and Cruise, and the world was never quite the same. A year after meeting on the set of […]
  • 9 Subtle Signs He's Probably Going To Propose Soon
    Photo: Getty Images You know he's the one, but does he feel the same? You think he does, but you've noticed he's been acting a little strange lately — not just "strange because he's a man," but strange. Well, it could be that your main heartthrob is about ready to pop the question! Yes! But […]
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A wedding dress or wedding gown is the clothing worn by a bride during a wedding ceremony. Color, style and ceremonial importance of the gown can depend on the religion and culture of the wedding participants. In Western cultures, brides often choose a white wedding dress, which was made popular by Queen Victoria in the 19th century. In eastern cultures, brides often choose red to symbolize auspiciousness.