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Time for Alterations?

We are frequently asked,"When should I start thinking about alterations?" Here's your answer:

10 weeks ahead: Call 419-628-7555 to make your appointment if you bought your gown at Emmy's. It can take up to 2-3 weeks to get you in for a fitting appointment at busy times of the year, especially if you require evening or Saturday times.

6-8 Weeks ahead: Keep your first fitting appointment previously scheduled. Make sure you bring your shoes and any undergarments (strapless bra, spanx, crinoline etc) that will effect the fit of the gown to help ensure an accurate fit.Your second fitting will be scheduled before you leave if at all possible.

3-5 weeks ahead:
When you arrive for your second fitting as a bridesmaid, mothers or prom customer, you can expect your gown to be pressed and ready to take home after the fit is confirmed unless a third appointment was previously discussed due to pregnancy, weight loss, etc.

Brides will confirm the fit from the first appointment and any needed adjustments will be marked. Either a third appointment or a pick-up of the gown will be scheduled at this time. Bridal gowns are generally not pressed until after the final fitting due to the length of time it takes to press a wedding gown. exceptions can be made and the gown pressed, especially if the bride is from outside the area, just ask!sewing-notions clock