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“Budget” Isn’t a Bad Word!

Budget isn't a bad word, especially not these days! We like to look at it as a SMART word instead. We know every customer has a number in mind that she'd like to stay at or below no matter what she's purchasing. The best thing you can do when shopping for a bridal gown is share your budget with the consultant assisting you during your appointment.

Yesterday I took a phone call from a bride who hesitated before asking the question: "I have a $600 budget, do you think you can help me?" My answer: ABSOLUTELY! I could hear the relief in her voice when she thanked me. Apparently a couple of other shops had told her "not to bother coming in if that was all she could spend." We discussed her size, wedding location and needs and she's very excited about her appointment next week. Many Bridal shops (Emmy's included) have an inventory of reduced price designer samples for sale "off the rack" and the ability to order most bridesmaids dresses in white or ivory for a beautiful lower cost alternative to an elaborate gown. Just ask if you want to keep your gown below a certain price, if you have an open mind and let your consultant know your needs, we can probably make it happen! Happy Shopping!